Who Am I? An A-Z Career Guide for Teens

Who Am I? An A-Z Career Guide for Teens


Getting on the path to career and financial success should start earlier and Who Am I? is the perfect way to do it. Informative, investigative and easy-to-read, Who Am I? has worksheets, lists, salary info and tips that Tai has prepared to help you navigate the career exploration process with ease. This resource includes six-figure careers in emerging industries that you need to know about so you can compete in the global marketplace.

Covering more than 200 high-growth careers, Who Am I? is a practical guide that you can use, even in college! The world is changing… fast! You deserve to have access to theright information to thrive in this new economy. As you wrestle with one of life’s most important questions, “Who am I and how do I want to show up in the world?,” let this book be the go-to manual to expand your awareness about what is possible for your career. This book will push you to increase your earning potential and maximize your impact, while living a fulfilling life. Now let’s starting learning the tools you will need to literally change the world.

WHO AM I?  Helps Your Teen Gain Career Clarity

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WHO AM I?  Will Help Your Teen To...

  • Decide On Their Ideal Career - Even if they don't know where to start

  •  Learn How to Become More Valuable - and how this is the secret to getting paid more

  •  Learn the MOST lucrative college majors

  • Avoid a low return on their college investment 

  •  Add Magic words to their vocabulary... Right Now!

  • Write Their 90-Second Elevator Pitch so they know exactly what to say when introduced to influential people

  • Model action steps after 5 teens who learned how to earn over 6-figures before college

  •  How to Set Goals for Next Steps and so much more!

Tai Abrams is a mentor and success coach for ambitious teens

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What if your Teen Actually Knew How To Start Their Career now...as a teen?


Here's a great gift idea for your children for the holidays! It is so important that our children have the knowledge and tools necessary to be successful! They can get started on their college and career journey with my book, "Who Am I? An A-Z Career Guide for Teens" Hear what others have to say about it:

"Great Gift for my Little Cousin: I bought this for my cousin and could see that he’d grown up just a bit by reading it. It makes it easier to talk to him about how what he does today affects his life tomorrow." - Dan

"Great Gift for Parents of Teens: Wonderful and well written book to help teens and their parents to prepare for future educational and career goals." -Maimuna

"Wanted to give you a thank you for the resume section in your book. Helps a lot." -Alexa, former student currently at Brooklyn Tech

"A must-read for teens and their parents. This book is sure to help a lot of teens nail down an ideal career, maximize their income earning potential and spend their time wisely in college. Buy 5 copies and give them as gifts. -Moise, Financial Strategist

"Love this book. 🥰 My soon to be 14-year old refers to it often and now my 11-year old is about to read it. Great read for teens, and adults!" -Dayvonne Anderson Smith

"Good reading for teenagers trying to figure out what they want to do in life. From picking the right college, career and many more." -Angelica

We don't know ...what we don't know ...

"As I got ready to leave 12th grade ( a couple years back 😊). I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. To be perfectly honest, I was burnt out from school and the vanilla guidance given to most kids in America (school, college, job). At 18, I had minimal exposure to careers and had no idea what to major in.

My girlfriend's father at the time encouraged me on, advising me to look through the paper ( internet wasn't that big back then) in order to get an idea of careers and where the money is headed based on number of jobs. Still thankful to this day for that advise!

There are numerous reasons why our kids may not have received the exposure they needed to form a decision @ 18. I'm passing on this book by Tai Abrams to help as a supplement for exposure. It is an excellent resource for teens (and adults) getting ready make a decision on majors and careers." -Micah Thatsall

I really enjoyed reading this book. And I'm keeping it as a great treasure for my children. Thanks once again Tai for this great gift! -Abdul-Aziz Raji

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Proof that Tai Abrams Has ALREADY helped dozens of teens chart their path to ultimate success and an exceptional career!

  • "Tai really helped me to find tangible opportunities to build my resume as a high school student and even positioned me to secure my first 4-figure consulting contract as an 18 year old. With her coaching, I secured an internship at an ed-tech start up as a Freshmen in college. She knows what it takes to help teens skip the career ladders by tapping into their unique abilities and leveraging the right resources."  - Dian Li

  •  "Tai has served as a mentor to our girls for the past 8 years. Not only has she be an inspiration for them, but she is an excellent role model for them as they tap into their unique genius and learn how to craft the career of their dreams. She knows what it takes to help teens maximize their potential both academically and within their early career pursuits. - Parents of Teenagers Arielle and Alanna Brown: Valerie and Alvin Brown

  •  "My daughter is four grade levels ahead in math, taking calculus as a 9th grader in high school, and is already applying her learned knowledge in the STEM field through high-quality summer programming. Tai's coaching made a world of a difference for my daughter. Now, she has bigger dreams and is more focused on what she wants her impact to be."  -  Laura Johnson

  • "This book is a must-read for every teenager and his or her parent, especially those who are Black and Hispanic, living in disadvantaged communities, within a dysfunctional system of education, still rife with discriminatory practices and obstacles to meaningful, sustainable development."  - Gerry Hopkin, JD  Consultant in Law, Media, Public Relations - Community Organizer - Coordinating Co-host of Afterwork Networking Wednesdays International (ANWI)

  •  "Pick up your copy today. This book is sure to help a lot of teens nail down an ideal career and spend their time in college wisely. It's about time someone helped our teens become more career ready. Buy 5 copies and give them as gifts."  -Moise Colvert