Tai Abrams

Teach Me How to Invest Mommy

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Mira is curious about the world of investing. She knows it is a solid pathway to financial success but doesn’t know where to start. So she asks her mommy to teach her the basics of investing and she is in for a pleasant surprise. Her mom takes her on an adventure where she gets to learn about ideas that will change her life. One of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child is knowledge and that is what Mira gains in this beautifully crafted book. Mira’s confidence grows more and more as she discovers just how easy it is to be an investor. Even more wonderful is the experiences she gets to share with her family as she learns and prospers. 

Exciting, informative and empowering, Tai Abrams wrote, Teach Me How to Invest Mommy, as a way for little boys and girls to start their love for investing and a chance to highlight how family conversations and outings can be the launching pad for a rewarding investing journey. This is the perfect gift for all the little ones in your life. Let’s share the wealth so more children can experience the joy of investing.