About Tai Abrams

“We need more Kingdom billionaires, executives, investors and entrepreneurs. We need industry disruptors replete with the skill set to build solutions that last. You can transform the world from the board room. God is waiting for you to walk in your destiny assignment of being anointed for business.” -Tai Abrams
Tai Abrams

A best-selling author, investor, innovative education leader and serial entrepreneur: Tai Abrams is boldly using her gifts and influence to support people on their journey to reach their full potential. Her leadership and coaching helps people of all ages push beyond their limits, shift into purpose and operate in leadership and excellence.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, from a Guyanese household, Tai was always committed to excellence and achievement. Her first encounter with systemic racism was in the 7th grade when she took the 9th grade Math Regents and scored 100. Her principal did not believe that she was capable of achieving a perfect score so required her to retake the exam. The second time around, Tai scored a 99% at a high school where the average score was 65%. She received credit for her work, but no apology for undermining her intelligence. Being underestimated at a young age inspired Tai to not only make sure that she succeeds in life, but also helps others tap into their potential. She promised herself to never allow a person’s mental limitations and implicit biases, not even her own, to thwart her ability to achieve.

Tai was clear that she was destined for success from a very early age but noticed that the odds were stacked against her what with being raised in a single-parent household with an absent father and an uninformed community.This didn’t stop her from dreaming and putting in the work to turn those dreams into a reality. As a gifted mathematician, Tai went on to complete her Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Duke University and her Master in Math education at Brooklyn College. She has also worked as an investment banking analyst and a business analytics consultant for the Government. After a few years of working in the business sector and noticing there were not enough women or people of color in leadership in these arenas, she set out on a mission to change these outcomes. Tai has committed the past 8 years to building an education to wealth pipeline where students can:

  1. Be prepared for admission into a selective high school through her company AdmissionSquad and 
  2. Learn to launch a successful, lucrative career and minimize college debt with her book Who Am I? An A-Z Career Guide for Teens. 

Tai is a highly sought after education leader due to her impressive results in the industry and has helped talented, underserved students not only dream bigger but gain access to the educational resources and institutions that can allow them to maximize their potential. Tai is also the author of Gratitude as a Habit and a co-author of the book Love Letters to my Girls and has been featured on CBS, Fox News, NBC, NY 1, in the NY Post, Wall Street Journal and more!

Women empowerment is one of Tai’s many passions because too often, women are put in a box that limits their ability to achieve. As a child of God, Tai believes that God is calling women in a greater arena of business and leadership and a mindset shift is necessary to ensure this happens. Tai is launching into a new season of life where she is now more focused than ever on walking in the totality of who God has called her to be and that is to empower the next generation of wealthy Christian women who are thriving in business and in life. We measure children by their grades and we measure adults by their net worth. Oftentimes, women realize this too late. Tai is committed to helping women, as a critical leader in their households, learn how to create generational wealth for their bloodline in partnership with their husband or on their own. 

In addition to being a published author, Tai is the owner of Taicoon University, an online training and resource platform for middle school and high school students, the co-founder of CEO Humor, a t-shirt line for seasoned entrepreneurs on the go and a prolific money mastery coach who has helped people pay of debt and master their money. Tai paid off $143,000 of undergraduate debt before turning 30 and encourages others to do the same. Though a woman of many talents, Tai is most passionate about using her skill set to grow businesses, buy and sell businesses and invest in businesses. As an itinerate speaker, Tai is excited to be invited to speak at online events for students, parents, colleges and universities, entrepreneurs and women’s conferences offering life-changing messages that equip, empower, and propel people into destiny.