Tai Abrams

Gratitude as a Habit: A Daily Dose of Positive Thinking

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Teens who take ten minutes a day to reflect on what they are grateful for tend to

cultivate a positive mindset which keeps them on the pathway to success. A grateful

person is a successful person because more and more opportunities will always flow

in their direction. After fostering the habit of thinking about what you are grateful

for, the next step is to write it down. This journal is a great way for you to capture

all the ways God has blessed you so you can develop an appreciation for your good.

You will also learn a lot about yourself through this daily dose of self-exploration

and reflection. The Gratitude as a Habit journal gives you the space, time and

direction to think about all the things that bring you abundant joy and happiness.

This easy-to-use journal provides daily prompts to facilitate your reflection time and

capture what your heart is saying to you in short responses. There is also an

opportunity to set monthly goals for yourself and practice using daily affirmations

for your self-betterment. Get ready for doors to open for you in the form of

exceptional grades, internships, scholarships, mentors, new dreams, ambitious

friends, networking opportunities and so much more. Once you practice Gratitude

as a Habit you are certainly going to be in position to win in life.