Today is My First Day in Coding Class!

I’m excited, nervous, anxious and so ready. What a diverse group of people in my class! Everyone is coming from a different background but we have all come together for one reason - we want to learn how to code. For many participants, this was a career change and it was refreshing to hear so many people feel they were in the right place. The instructor introduced a really cool concept called pair coding where I got a chance to work on code with a classmate. This was very effective. Especially since my partner holds a computer science degree.

We covered all the basics of what our code needs to look like and I was THAT girl asking any and every question I had so as to not leave anything to interpretation. I told myself, “Why sign up for help if you are unwilling to be vulnerable enough to ask for it?” Some of my questions included:

  1. So what exactly is console.log and why is it called that? Is it unique to JavaScript?

  2. Are semicolons absolutely critical to code running successfully? I notice you are not using them and it’s working just fine.

  3. You showed us four different ways to introduce and call a function and none of them included the keyword ‘return’? Does that mean it is obsolete?

If you asked me how I feel, I would have to say empowered! For years, I would stare at websites and apps desiring to understand the code behind it. The scariest part for an entrepreneur is when you need the help of a website developer and/or an app developer and you’re in a position where you are reliant on these professionals. This sort of business relationship can get costly and can leave a start up quite vulnerable. The only question I have for myself is, “why didn’t I do this sooner?!” 

I am proud to say that I have taken the necessary steps to put the power back in my hands. I am so grateful for my instructor and left feeling like I fully maximized the experience. 

As I always say, time is passing anyway. You might as well pick up a new skill that will make you more marketable, increase your value and expand your options. When I meditate on this new journey, all I can think of is two divine words: limitless possibility. This is exactly the feeling I want to have and is fueling my desire to achieve mastery.  If Kim Kardashian can go back to law school, Tai Abrams can learn how to code. Stay tuned my digital friends. Let me know if you’ve decided to join me!