Tai Abrams is on the journey to becoming a full stack web developer and she is committed to helping others acquire these in-demand skills. She is an author, speaker and millennial leader forging a pathway for the next generation of change agents through tech.

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Tai’s Story

Tai Abrams is an author, speaker and innovator and is on a mission to become a full stack web developer so she can bring her unique experience as an education leader to the ed-tech ecosystem. Tai attended the Bronx High School of Science then obtained a degree in mathematics from Duke University. She interned on Wall Street as an investment banker and started her career off as a government consultant. She later entered the education space to address an opportunity gap facing students of color with access to Specialized High Schools. She Founded AdmissionSquad, Inc. in 2016, an organization focused on getting talented, middle school, students of color into top NYC public high schools and served as the CEO for four years . Tai brings over ten years of experience as a business strategist and math educator. She is also the author of the children’s book “Who Am I? An A-Z Career Guide for Teens,” helping high school and middle school students identify exceptional career paths much earlier so they can thrive in their career. Her parents are of Guyanese decent.